About Us

In a Word that is rapidly changing, we believe we can change the world with empowered widows. The entire community of nations acknowledged as much as they embraced Human RIGHTS Charter ( HBC ) and vowed to make a world fit for WIDOWS through combating worst forms of traditional and customary laws, that prohibits widows to own land and other valuable properties after the death of their husbands hence able to access human basic needs and participate in community development.

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our mission

KIWAJAKO is determined and dedicated in empowering widows who have expressed their will to realize their potential and become self reliant, by mobilizing resources, advocating for widows rights and contribute in providing social services to the community. KIWAJAKO will work in partnership with other like minded stake holders organizations and individuals locally, nationally and globally.

our vision

KIWAJAKO’s vision is all widows are empowered to access their basic human right in survival, development, protection and participate in development planning and implementation in society.

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Kikundi Cha Wanawake Wajane Kondoa
P.O.Box 31

Email: info@kiwajako.or.tz
Phone: +255 784 423 615

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